Mel Foster Co. Gets a Make Over

Mel Foster Co. Geneseo & Chamber of Geneseo Celebrate
Mel Foster Co. Geneseo & Chamber of Geneseo Celebrate

Mel Foster Co. Real Estate Brokerage in Geneseo had a re-opening of its downtown office on Wednesday, April 8. The interior spaces of the office were completely remodeled to accommodate technology upgrades and improved communication tools.

Fred Dasso, managing broker of the Geneseo office said, “With this office concept and remodel project, we are happy to provide a ’boutique-like’ experience for our clients and Realtors®.”

The newly designed boutique-style space, in the heart of downtown Geneseo on State Street, features a spacious seating and conversation area with a large flat-screen display where guests can explore real estate options with an agent.

Lynsey Engels, Mel Foster Co. president, Real Estate Brokerage, said, “Mel Foster Co. is continuing to stay current with industry trends to help agents work more efficiently and comfortably in an office setting. Our Galesburg office was converted into a boutique-style space last year and the feedback we received from agents and visitors made us eager to duplicate that success in Geneseo. Our agents can take advantage of rapidly changing technology within the office and meet with guests in a location that enhances communication to create a better experience for those looking to buy or sell a property.”

Insurance Basics For First Time Buyers.

Insurance Basics
Insurance Basics

You’ve compared the costs of renting vs. owning, and home ownership is in your future. As you budget for new household expenses, be sure to include homeowners insurance, which is usually more expensive than what you are paying for renters insurance.

Having enough coverage with your homeowners insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected. There are a few things that you should consider when choosing a homeowners insurance policy.

You need to be sure that you understand what most standard policies cover. It usually includes exterior and interior damage from vandalism, fire and weather incidents. It also may cover out of pocket expenses, damage to outside structures and even medical costs if someone is injured on your property. It also covers personal property, which is why it’s so important to have photos and to keep purchase receipts of your most expensive assets.

Also keep in mind that whenever you add something to your existing home, such as a porch or an extra bathroom, you should see if your policy needs to be adjusted. Renovations and additions can add significant value to your home and you want to be sure that the new investments you have made are also covered by your insurance.

One thing that is missing from some standard policies is coverage for flood damage. Ninety percent of damage from natural disasters occurs from flooding. Insurance providers usually offer an additional policy that will have insurance for any flood damage that may occur. Keep this in mind if you have a finished basement.

Often it can take up to 30 days for new policies to go into effect. So don’t delay any longer, contact Mel Foster Insurance today.

Mel Foster Co. and movingWOLF Deliver a Suite of Services Tailored to Moving Families

Mel Foster Co. logoMel Foster Co. has teamed up with movingWOLF, a program offered by the WOLFmedia division of Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, to offer clients in the home buying and selling process deals on hyper-local and national brands, all providing discounts to save the consumer money.

Your Mel Foster Co. real estate agent will be supplying exclusive email offers to home buyers and sellers. Each email delivers discounts on items relevant to where the home buyer or seller is in the moving process. Offers range from products and services needed before, during and after the move such as moving trucks, boxes and supplies, home services set-up, home security, restaurants, decorating and renovations.

“We are thrilled to partner with movinWOLF in a marketing benefit to offer our clients money saving opportunities with some local and national brands and assist them in organizing their move”, mentions Lynsey Engels, President Real Estate Brokerage of Mel Foster Co.

A study by the National Association of REALTORS® found that movers spend, on average, $9,000 on goods and services during their move. In an effort to help clients transition into their new home, Mel Foster Co. has joined the movingWOLF program to provide savings along the way.

The program also serves as a reminder to consumers of the services and products they’ll need throughout the moving process. Moving can be hectic and reminders to get boxes or book the moving truck, along with a discount for those products and services, helps consumers stay organized and ahead of the game, alleviating stress and pressure during a move.

“Consumers spend more money in a 180-day window during their move than they will in any other time in their lives,” says Scott Oakley, Vice President of Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies’ WOLFmedia Division. “The value of the service is not only the money-saving offers to alleviate the cost of moving but also the reminders to book services and pick up products they’ll need before, during and after their move. This improves the experience for consumers and reinforces their decision to work with their real estate agent.”

For more information about Mel Foster Co., please visit

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 About Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. is the North American leader in real estate solutions and services with almost 10,000 offices utilizing their fully integrated product lines. Lone Wolf’s Complete Enterprise Solutions is comprised of its core products and services – brokerWOLF back office management solution, WOLFconnect front office management solutions, globalWOLF website solution, loadingDOCS paperless office solution, mobileWOLF mobile solution, WOLFmedia ad revenue generation service, WOLFwatch accounting service and Lone Wolf’s newest service specific to the agent marketplace, agentWOLF. The Complete Enterprise Solution is ideal for real estate offices looking to seamlessly manage their data from the back office to the front office to brokerage and agent websites, providing a single point of entry for data, significant time savings and profitability opportunities. The Complete Enterprise Solution is an invaluable component of a successful real estate brokerage. Lone Wolf has offices in Cambridge, ON, Langley, BC, Las Vegas, NV and Show Low, AZ. For more information please visit

About Mel Foster Co.

Founded in 1921, Mel Foster Co. is a Real Estate Leader of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois serving Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island and the surrounding Quad City area, and it is one of Iowa’s largest independently owned real estate company. The company specializes in residential sales and offers services in insurance, commercial, farm and land sales, land development, relocation, career development, and new construction. Visit their website at  for more information.

From Vanilla To Va Va Voom.

Does your home have curb appeal?
Does your home have curb appeal?

Help make your new construction home stand out among the sea of vanilla by adding a little color and style to the front of your home.

Paint the front door

If you got a boring builder’s special door, a little color will make your house pop. Make the job even easier and take the door off the hinges and paint the door while it’s laying flat.

Accentuate your address

It’s inexpensive to buy decorative house numbers and it’s fast to swap out the old numbers with new.

Dress up the porch

Just two chairs in a bright paint color or with bold accent pillows will make your porch stand out and serve as an inviting gesture to your new neighbors.

Pot some plants

You can go bold with colorful annuals or more sophisticated with urns and greenery. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for a small shrub or dwarf evergreen. It’s hard to go wrong with something hardy that doesn’t require daily watering.

Welcome mat

Let your neighbors know you’ve now moved in with a colorful welcome mat.

Mel Foster Co. Agents Earn Premium Club Status

Lynsey Engels, President, Real Estate Brokerage at Mel Foster Co. Inc. is pleased to announce ten of their agents have received recognition in the 2014 Premier Club by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.  The following agents received Premier Club status, based upon closed referrals between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014:

  • Zina Akre, Geneseo
  • Jodi Faulkner, Bettendorf
  • Lucky Lang, Davenport I-74
  • Don Marple, Davenport Kimberly Road
  • Norm Marcov, Davenport I-74
  • Tim Odey, Bettendorf
  • Judy Schmidt, Moline
  • Steve Sullivan, Moline
  • Jackie Turner, Galesburg
  • Pete Voss, Davenport Kimberly Road

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is a global network of over 500 premier real estate firms.  Leading RE is comprised of select independent real estate companies who set the standard of quality service, while generating a highest volume of referral, relocation, and real estate business opportunities for its members.

Mel Foster Co. Relocation division is lead by Deb Boland, and her team assists with moving in or out of the area, providing community tours, finding second homes and senior living.  Contact our relocation specialist for more information at

Mel Foster Co. Receives Relocation Recognition

MF LOGO WITH LRE LOGOLynsey Engels, President, Real Estate Brokerage at Mel Foster Co. Inc. is pleased to announce that their Relocation Division, lead by Deb Boland, has been recognized as a recipient for the 2014 Global Alliance Club by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is a global network of over 500 premier real estate firms.  Leading RE is comprised of select independent real estate companies who set the standard of quality service, while generating a highest volume of referral, relocation, and real estate business opportunities for its members.

Mel Foster Co.’s Relocation Department is one of 37 real estate companies to receive this honor.  In order to be a part of this prestigious club, at least one referral must be sent and closed across country borders. The referral was to Alberta, Canada, therefore Mel Foster Co. can make it happen anywhere.

Not So Fast…Five Things To Check Before Writing An Offer.

Do they work?
Do they work?

You’re in love. The house seems perfect and you almost don’t want to know if it’s not. But before you blindly make an offer, be sure to check these five things.

Assess the grounds

Even if it’s cold and snowy, do a thorough walk around of the yard checking for drainage issues, major concrete shifts or cracks in the foundation.

Open every door and window

Check the locks, evaluate the operation and make sure every door and window opens and closes properly. Also check for any cracked glass that may be hidden behind window treatments.

Turn on every appliance

Be sure to check the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher in the kitchen and don’t forget the washer and dryer if you are asking for those items to be left for you. Also run both the furnace and central air to be sure the systems are functioning properly.

Check the water

Turn on each faucet and check for water pressure and leaks. Also flush every toilet. Be sure to check outdoor faucets.

Turn on the lights

Every interior and exterior light should be turned on. Also test the speed of ceiling fans and check the fan in the bathroom and the vent hood above the stove. If a light is not functioning, determine if it’s a burned out bulb or an electrical issue.

Doing this quick checklist will uncover major issues, before you write up an offer or schedule a home inspection. For added peace of mind after you move in, consider purchasing a Mel Foster Co. Advantage Home Warranty Plan.

For more information on The Mel Foster Co. Advantage Home Warranty Plan, contact one of our experienced professionals.

Mel Foster Co. Helps Fight Hunger

Student Hunger Drive
Supporting our Hungry

Mel Foster Co. conducted an internal food drive to support the community’s Student Hunger Drive.  Its agents and staff contributed 7,684 pounds of food for the 2015 Student Hunger Drive Corporate Challenge.  That is an average of over 25 pounds per person.  The total pounds raised earned Mel Foster Co. the gold award for the Student Hunger Drive.  Their insurance division won the internal food drive.

“We are thrilled to win the gold award  for our company size category this year.  We are happy to see our agents and staff rally behind this important community cause, supporting the hungry and those in need.” says Lynsey Engels, President of Brokerage Division of Mel Foster Co.

Living Large In A Tiny Home.

Tiny-HomeThe days of the ginormous McMansion are coming to an end. People are starting to downsize, understanding that less is more when owning a home. Have you thought about the option of a micro home? These miniature homes, trailers, and even converted shipping containers are growing in popularity nationwide. With this growing niche in real estate, perhaps it’s time to give micro housing some serious consideration. Ask your agent to search for homes with less square footage or find a small parcel of land to build your own micro home.

Take a look at just a few of the benefits of living in a tiny house.

Reduced Cost

A smaller home can mean lower building costs, insurance, taxes and utilities. If you decide to build, you may be able to afford the construction cost outright, eliminating the need for a home loan. As a homeowner, who wouldn’t want more disposable income!

Reduced Clutter

With a micro home comes the idea of a simpler life. Less space means less room for unnecessary clutter. You may find that all that “stuff” you thought you needed was simply just junk taking up space. In a micro home, a minimalistic lifestyle becomes a necessity. With less square footage, you are more likely to only keep necessities. And think of the time you’ll save cleaning a smaller house!

Green Living

Micro homes use far fewer resources than a traditional home. Micro homes use less land, fewer materials, and make a much smaller dent in natural resources traditionally utilized to keep a traditional home running.

Mel Foster Co. Receives Website Quality Certification

Mel Foster Co. Earns Designation
Mel Foster Co. Earns Designation

Mel Foster Co. has been awarded the Website Quality Certification (WQC) from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® , an international network of more than 500 premier real estate firms. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) presents the certification to member companies that demonstrate best practices in website design, technology and service.

Mel Foster Co’s website,, earned the certification after achieving superior marks on a range of measurements, including usability and performance, design and content, interactivity, customer service and Internet lead management, search engine optimization and mobile. The website was evaluated by Virtual Results, LLC, a real estate internet and social marketing firm enlisted by LeadingRE to review the websites.

WQC is a program available only to firms affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and is awarded based on criteria that is updated annually to reflect the latest in internet marketing strategies. To maintain the certification, companies are re-certified every two years.

“We are delighted to recognize the 117 companies that earned the WQC this year and applaud them for creating websites that attract and engage today’s consumers, providing useful information on homes and communities and supporting them with local expertise,” said Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® President/CEO Pam O’Connor.

“We are thrilled to receive this designation again as we continually enhance our website to ensure users are getting the best possible experience and pertinent details from our site,” said Mel Foster Co. President of Brokerage, Lynsey Engels.

For more information about Mel Foster Co., please visit



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