Troubleshooting a Constantly Running Air Conditioner

Air conditioner troubleWhen your air conditioner constantly runs all day without shutting off, you likely have an issue with the unit.  This constant running can cause extra wear and tear and may be running up your electrical bills. Refer to the following list to troubleshoot possible causes for a constantly running air conditioner.

  1. Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coil

Did you have your air conditioner serviced this spring before you turned it on for the summer? If not the evaporator coil may be covered with dirt and debris, which impedes the cooling process and makes the unit work harder to cool your space. If your unit is blowing warm air from the supply vents in addition to running constantly, it may have frozen up. Turn the air conditioner completely off and call a professional to diagnose the cause and prevent further damage to the system.

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