Not So Fast…Five Things To Check Before Writing An Offer.

Do they work?
Do they work?

You’re in love. The house seems perfect and you almost don’t want to know if it’s not. But before you blindly make an offer, be sure to check these five things.

Assess the grounds

Even if it’s cold and snowy, do a thorough walk around of the yard checking for drainage issues, major concrete shifts or cracks in the foundation.

Open every door and window

Check the locks, evaluate the operation and make sure every door and window opens and closes properly. Also check for any cracked glass that may be hidden behind window treatments.

Turn on every appliance

Be sure to check the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher in the kitchen and don’t forget the washer and dryer if you are asking for those items to be left for you. Also run both the furnace and central air to be sure the systems are functioning properly.

Check the water

Turn on each faucet and check for water pressure and leaks. Also flush every toilet. Be sure to check outdoor faucets.

Turn on the lights

Every interior and exterior light should be turned on. Also test the speed of ceiling fans and check the fan in the bathroom and the vent hood above the stove. If a light is not functioning, determine if it’s a burned out bulb or an electrical issue.

Doing this quick checklist will uncover major issues, before you write up an offer or schedule a home inspection. For added peace of mind after you move in, consider purchasing a Mel Foster Co. Advantage Home Warranty Plan.

For more information on The Mel Foster Co. Advantage Home Warranty Plan, contact one of our experienced professionals.

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