Winter Safety Tips

Extra care is needed to stay safe in the winter months when weather can be unpredictable or dangerous. Whether you are out and about or at home under a blanket, take some simple steps that will provide security for you and your loved ones.

Street Smart

Be aware of posted snow routes when parking your car. You don’t want to become a hazard to other drivers or risk getting towed for being parked illegally. Avoid being plowed in and help snow removal crews clear roads faster by parking your car in your driveway or moving it from the street when possible. Increase your following distance when driving since it can take up to three times longer to stop on snow and ice. Make sure your car has an emergency kit inside including jumper cables, flashlight and hazard lights in the event of an accident or car breakdown.

Stay Informed

Choose a reliable news source to keep you informed of weather warnings as they happen. Get online and register for email or text updates from local sources you trust like your TV or radio stations. Be sure your family has open lines of communication and a system in place so you’re able to share warnings or schedule changes quickly and easily.

Things Are Heating Up

Extra sources of heat will be used on frigid days. Fire departments suggest to keep anything that can burn or catch fire at least three feet from warm vents on a space heater. Don’t leave space heaters on overnight or while you’re gone from the home. Keep a screen in front of your wood-burning fireplace to prevent embers or sparks from escaping. Ensure that your furnace filters are clean for best and safest output.

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