Sell Now

It’s a seller’s market right now. There are fewer homes for sale which means more competition for buyers. Let’s look at a few of the reasons not to wait to place your house on the market.

Before School’s Out For Summer

Sell now at the start of the spring real estate season before people prepare to move in the summer when their kids are off school. Be sure to include both indoor and outdoor spring-cleaning projects to get your house ready to show. Moving families will want to settle into a new neighborhood, so school registration for fall is finalized, and new routines are established.

Homes Are Selling Quickly

According to, the median U.S. home listing price is up 15.6%, and homes are spending less time on the market than last year at this time. On average, homes stay on the market for about 54 days, which is nearly a week shorter than a year ago. And the Quad City market is seeing home sales finalized in less than seven days. Fewer homes for purchase allow those available to turn over quickly, which means you’ll have fewer open houses. If you’ve been debating on selling at a time when profit looks promising, now’s the time.

Multiple Offers Mean More Options

Fewer homes available for sale means that, as the seller, you could experience bidding wars and multiple offers. And receiving multiple offers may give you more flexibility on closing dates and fewer inspections to pass. Bidding wars produce more offers to consider and even possible cash offers from buyers.

Money In Your Pocket

Interest rates remain low, and the possibility that they will begin to rise again has incented some buyers to take the leap and act quickly now. As demand for available homes increases, so does the money in your pocket if you’re ready to sell.

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Mel Foster Co. and MooveGuru Deliver Services Tailored to Moving Families

Mel Foster Co. has partnered with MooveGuru, an automated moving concierge platform that sends perfectly-timed, move-related, money saving offers, via email and connects utilities and home services to buyers and sellers.

Your Mel Foster Co. REALTOR® will be supplying exclusive email offers and utility connections to home buyers and sellers.  The average mover spends 5 hours connecting utilities, the Mel Foster Co. connections service simplifies this process.  Emails are also delivered to the consumer with discounts on items relevant to a home purchase or selling experience.  The mover program includes money-saving offers from companies like the Home Depot, PODS, Budget Truck Rental, and more. 

“We are thrilled to partner with MooveGuru in a marketing benefit to offer our clients money saving opportunities with some local and national brands and assist them in organizing their move,” mentions Lynsey Engels, President Real Estate Brokerage of Mel Foster Co.  Engels continued, “because it’s so important to support our local businesses when possible, this is another way to do that.”  If businesses are interested in participating in the MooveGuru initiative, contact Mel Foster Co. at

A study by the University of Colorado found that movers spend, on average $10,000 on goods and services during their move.  To help clients transition into their new home, Mel Foster Co. has partnered with MooveGuru to provide savings along the way.

“Consumers spend more money in a 180-day window during their move than they will in any other time in their lives,” says Scott Oakley, CEO of MooveGuru.

What to Expect When it Comes to Personal Property and Buying

What is included in your purchase?

Don’t assume everything is included in your home purchase. It’s important to get everything in writing so you’re not left feeling cheated. Here are some common house features buyers think are included in the deal, but aren’t necessarily automatically included.

  1. Appliances

It’s not always the norm when buying a home that all appliances are included in the sale. Things like refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers and microwaves may be going with the seller. If you want a specific appliance left behind, make sure to clarify in writing that it’s a condition of the sale.

  1. Window Coverings.

Sometimes there are shades or drapes in the home during showings. The shades may be fully fitted for the window and attached, but the seller may be planning on taking them once they sell the home. If you don’t see it written anywhere, get the inclusion of window coverings in writing. Specify you want the existing window coverings either included or removed if you don’t like them.

  1. Mounting Materials

It’s common for homes to have TV’s mounted on the wall with a bracket supporting it. Be sure to ask. It may not actually be included with the sale of the home.

  1. Lawn Care Equipment

If the lawn at the home you are buying is large, you may want to negotiate with the sellers for any lawn care equipment you need. If the lawn requires a riding lawnmower the previous owners may be willing to include it in the sale.

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When is the Right Time to Sell?

Timing Right?

Some homeowners feel their current house isn’t their forever home. Here are a few signs it may be time to start your search for something new.

  1. Your Home Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

If your family is growing, or you’ve recently become an empty nester, it’s probably time to start searching for a new home. Consider location, size, and layout when finding your next home.

  1. It’s a Seller’s Market

You can always count on the real estate market to provide shifting trends. Fortunately right now it’s a seller’s market and most homes are selling quickly. There is currently more demand for homes than the market can meet. If you’re on the fence it might be time to strike while the irons are hot.

  1. Your Interest Rate is High

Currently interest rates on mortgage loans are historically low. If you’re paying a mortgage with a high interest rate, it’s time to start searching for new opportunities. You can consider refinancing or maybe this is the push you need to find a different home. You’ll want to act quickly, as interest rates are expected to increase throughout 2018.

  1. Your Mortgage is Completely Paid

If your mortgage is completely paid off when you sell your home, you can reap the financial rewards of making years of payments. If you’re looking to downsize significantly, consider a smaller home that requires less upkeep. It’ll save you time and money if the home doesn’t require constant care.

Follow these tips to start preparing to sell.

Holiday Hosting When You’re On The Market.

Your timing couldn’t be worse. Your house is ready to go up for sale on the market and it’s your turn to host the relatives for the holidays. How can you keep your home open house ready while still creating a festive holiday atmosphere?

Keep The Weekends Open

You can still cook that delicious turkey and host your family on Thanksgiving, but leave your weekend free so you can host an open house. If your out of town guests will be staying over a weekend, plan an activity that gets everybody out of your house during the weekend afternoons. With Christmas on a Wednesday this year, that following weekend might be prime for an open house.

Ask For Clean Up Help

Your family and guests know your home is on the market, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra help cleaning. Close family members will have no problem stripping their bed before they leave your home or helping you mop the floors after the festivities have wrapped up.

Scale Back The Decorating

If you typically go all out and have a tree in every room, this is the year to just put up one tree. Some of your favorite decorations might not make the cut either. Think elegant and sophisticated with your decorating. Not every light, ornament and strand of tinsel needs to be on your tree. Next year, in your new home, you can go Christmas crazy again with your decorating.

Confine The Decorations

Consider decorating just a single room for the holidays instead of bringing the celebration to the kitchen, the powder room and all of the bedrooms. Less is more when your house is being shown during an open house. Holiday décor is very taste specific and it can be hard for a buyer to envision their things in your home if it’s a winter wonderland in every room.

Take Back Your Space

You did it. Your last child has moved out of the house. The hardest work is behind you and now it’s time to have a little fun with the newly vacant bedroom in your home.

Cozy Guest Room

Grab a neutral colored can of paint and turn this bedroom into a luxury retreat, fit for any guest. Buy fine linens, fluffy guest towels and fresh pillows to outfit this new room. Once you have the room stocked and decorated, it’s a good idea to sleep for one night in the room to find out if anything is missing that your future guests might need.

T.V. For Two

Your living room might feel a little too large now for just the two of you. Why not turn the spare bedroom into a more comfortable T.V. or reading room. You can each pick out a recliner that suits your height and appeals to your style. This new room is all yours, so there’s not as much pressure to select furniture to impress guests. Get what’s comfortable and be happy spending time together in this room where you can reconnect and get to know each other again without yelling across the room to talk.

Out Of Sight

Storage is a huge issue for many couples, especially if the adult kids have left behind mementos or furniture while they get settled in a new place. Turn the spare room into a glorified closet or storage area. Put your seasonal clothes in this room, get your holiday decorations out of the attic or crawl space or install pantry shelves for paper goods and detergent. Keep it organized but keep the door closed.

Converting your child’s old bedroom is a sign to him or her that you are confident they will be successful on their own. Just wait until they are out of the driveway before you start pulling up the carpet and repainting the walls.


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