Home Staging

Industry professionals recommend staging your home before putting it on the market. So, what exactly does staging the home mean, and what do you need to know to do it well? 

Defining Home Staging

Home staging refers to the decorating method used when preparing a home for sale. The goal is to eliminate distractions while assembling the space. Staging is designed to showcase a home’s assets to attract and impress buyers.

Home Staging Dos And Don’ts


  • Highlight your outdoor living area not included in the home’s square footage.
  • Share adorable photos of your pet in the house. They get shared more on social media.
  • Show off your feature wall. It can grab attention, and most buyers repaint rooms anyway.


  • Overdecorate so your space looks crowded.
  • Leave patterned window treatments up. Replace them with neutral curtains.
  • Declutter so much that rooms feel empty or cold.

Virtual Tours Are Valuable

Once the home is staged, attract more buyers by providing a virtual tour. You’ll stand out from your competition and allow prospects to do the virtual walk-through of the property at their convenience. Statistics show that homes with a virtual tour option sell at up to a nine percent higher sales price.

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Design Trends 2022

Design trends in 2022 make room for individual style. After months of focusing inward, designers suggest that it’s time to let our unique personality influence our interior design in a very intentional way. For example, clean white fixtures offset by simple grey walls have shifted to color trends that provide warmth, whimsy and wow factor.

Moody And Memorable Matters

Where minimalism was a recent key design element, today’s trends indicate the desire for elaborate changes and lots of them.

  • Moody spaces will include colors like caramel, chocolate, hunter green or aubergine that feel expressive and still cozy and comfortable.
  • Homeowners want to make their home look and feel like they are either at their favorite vacation spot or in a place they long to go. 
  • People want to have more fun at home, so they may experiment with wild patterns or color combinations, letting personal expression lead the decorating. 

Something Old And Something New

Buyers looking for something new will find that almost every manufacturer, from budget-friendly to high-end companies, is showing furniture pieces with curved edges and softer lines. Homeowners look to multipurpose pieces as better financial investments. And mixing and matching old and new items is the way forward. Vintage furniture is in high demand because it does not have supply chain issues. Want to incorporate a modern sofa with a family heirloom roll-top desk? Now’s the time! Younger clients want an alternative to mass-produced items and prefer furnishings that reflect their character and can grow with them, even if it starts with Grandma Pearl’s marble-top side table. 

Definitely In The Details

Making décor changes can be accomplished in big and small ways and is all in the details.

  • People are starting to value the idea of investing in higher-quality pieces that are well-made and long-lasting. 
  • Buyers look to add soft accent items like pillows and linens if they aren’t ready to repaint a room or purchase a new sofa. Think rich palettes of color and specialty textures, like mohair.
  • Materials like leathered granite or quartz in kitchens offer a slightly bumpy texture that tends to hide messes and is excellent for those who struggle to find time to clean.
  • Custom furniture made by local makers is in demand, as clients find value in having a unique and exclusive piece.  

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