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4 Common Home Inspection Mistakes

A home inspection is an assessment of your home’s condition. Home inspectors not only identify problems with houses but also give sellers information to help them identify areas needing improvements. If you’re having a home inspection completed either as a buyer or a seller, here are four home inspection mistakes to avoid.

Not Researching the Inspector
Too many buyers and sellers hire whoever is recommended to them without doing any research. The inspection is only as good as the inspector doing it, so find a certified inspector with experience and good reviews.

Not Attending the Inspection
Being present for the inspection may not be mandatory, but it’s a smart idea. If you don’t see the inspection process, you may not understand it. Being present during the inspection gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and clarify the basis for items on the review.

Passing on a Presale Inspection
Many sellers decide to leave the pre-sale inspection to the buyers, which may leave you unprepared if you need to make repairs prior to closing a deal. Save yourself a future headache by having an inspection done ahead of time before you list your home.

Failing to Prepare Your Home
Inspectors want homeowners to prepare for an inspection. They’re going to need access to the basement, attic and crawlspaces. Be sure to clear a path to these areas before the inspector arrives to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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