What to Expect When it Comes to Personal Property and Buying

What is included in your purchase?

Don’t assume everything is included in your home purchase. It’s important to get everything in writing so you’re not left feeling cheated. Here are some common house features buyers think are included in the deal, but aren’t necessarily automatically included.

  1. Appliances

It’s not always the norm when buying a home that all appliances are included in the sale. Things like refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers and microwaves may be going with the seller. If you want a specific appliance left behind, make sure to clarify in writing that it’s a condition of the sale.

  1. Window Coverings.

Sometimes there are shades or drapes in the home during showings. The shades may be fully fitted for the window and attached, but the seller may be planning on taking them once they sell the home. If you don’t see it written anywhere, get the inclusion of window coverings in writing. Specify you want the existing window coverings either included or removed if you don’t like them.

  1. Mounting Materials

It’s common for homes to have TV’s mounted on the wall with a bracket supporting it. Be sure to ask. It may not actually be included with the sale of the home.

  1. Lawn Care Equipment

If the lawn at the home you are buying is large, you may want to negotiate with the sellers for any lawn care equipment you need. If the lawn requires a riding lawnmower the previous owners may be willing to include it in the sale.

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Add A Little Bling To Your Kitchen

A $40,000 kitchen makeover is out of your reach, but there are small things you can do to update your kitchen and give it that fresh, new look.

Replace your pulls and knobs. It’s like jewelry for your cabinets. You can get something whimsical and fun or go with something traditional to change the style of your entire kitchen. Count up how many pulls and knobs you’ll need and hit the home improvement store. If you can’t decide which style you like best, buy a few and see how they look with your cabinets. If you are adding hardware to cabinets without pulls or knobs, purchase a drilling template for a few dollars to make sure you position the hardware in the right spot.

Paint your cabinets. This might be a job better left to the professionals if you have lots of cabinets. All cabinet fronts will need to be removed, sanded, and painted with several coats of paint. Accounting for drying time, this project may take several weekends. The work can be tedious and a professional may be the right answer. It’s still an inexpensive way to update your kitchen, as cabinetry is typically a major expense in a renovation project.

Change your light fixtures. Colorful pendants or a craftsman style chandelier can change the personality of your entire kitchen. You can pick a single style and get matching light fixtures or go for a more eclectic feel by picking what you like and mixing and matching. Be sure to shut off the power at your electrical panel before you install new light fixtures. If you don’t know where your electrical panel is, or have no clue what that means, call an electrician or a friend with the right experience.

Paint the walls. It’s cheap and almost everybody can paint successfully. Consider a paint specially formulated for kitchens and baths. They are often easier to clean and can withstand grease and grime that can accumulate around the stove. Take the time to wash the walls first and tape the edges of your cabinets to avoid mistakes. A good paint job starts with good preparation.

Get new window treatments. Curtains, blinds and shades all work well in a kitchen. If your kitchen opens to a family room or dining room, replace all of the window treatments to create a cohesive look among the connecting rooms.

If you need to start your kitchen renovation small, remove all the clutter from your refrigerator and invest in a good degreaser for your stove. These easy and cheap steps might inspire you to tackle more in your kitchen. If you have a little money and time, consider installing a tile backsplash, replacing your faucet or selecting a new countertop. These are not first time DIY projects and you’ll want to call in reinforcements.


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