Being Smart is Just the Start

Smart homes are becoming more personalized, more intelligent and more connected. The home automation trend for all home devices to eventually connect to the internet, also known as Internet of Things (IoT), is in motion. Electronics companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have made it a mission to become part of as many homes as possible. Consider potential smart home changes as you plan updates to your home.

1. Voice Control Devices

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are becoming fast friends with American household owners. Some 39 million people, or one in six, now own a smart speaker. This number will continue to rise as people become more open to the idea and the benefits they provide. These devices serve to control everything from the music you play to the temperature set on your thermostat.

2. Home Appliances

It’s predicted that a majority of home appliances will be available as smart devices by the year 2021. For example, if you own a control device, like Alexa, and a smart oven, you will have the ability to preheat that oven through your cell phone while at work. As you look to replace your old washing machine, be sure to inquire about models with smart features that will keep up with these trends.

3. Network Connections

Internet services companies will have to provide faster networks to sustain changes in consumer habits. More powerful processors, sensors and cameras will be needed as consumers are becoming fed up with regular internet buffering. It will be important to stay informed as to how your service provider plans to upgrade their infrastructure to maintain the emerging need for more speed.

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