Home Design Trends 2024

Need inspiration for home design ideas in 2024? Consider these popular trends as you make your redecorating plans.

Pretty As A Peach

The colors peach and apricot are in. Pantone Color Institute, globally recognized as a leading source of color expertise, declared “Peach Fuzz” the color of the year. Another trend forecasting agency, WGSN, selected “Apricot Crush” as its favorite. These softer versions of orange promote recharging and wellness, as colors “radiant with warmth and modern elegance.”

Paneled Walls

Paneled walls with a modern twist are back in style. And that doesn’t mean the 1970s versions covering every wall are back. The trend focuses on thin, natural wood slats and millwork used for accent walls in the bedroom, living room or kitchen to create a warm aesthetic.

Not Hip To Be Square

Homeowners are embracing furniture and décor with curvy lines that promote a welcoming space similar to the organic shapes in natural landscapes. Envision curved desks, sofas, tables and rounded barstools. Have fun with squiggly, wave-like accents in mirrors and art that infuse energy and charm into any space. 

Jewel Tones Are Back

Rediscover color with jewel tones, colors derived from gemstones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Incorporate richness into your décor with these tones as they tend to have a high level of color saturation and are, therefore, eye-catching and lively. Choose them as an accent or as the focal point for any room.

Romantic Ribbons

Romantic design is more than just Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers. Embrace ribbons, florals and lace to create a nostalgic feel in your favorite spaces at home. These delicate textures celebrate love and savoring life’s simple pleasures.

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Outdoor Entertaining

Few of us look back on our lives and remember the nights we went to bed early. It’s the time of year for outdoor entertaining! Consider these suggestions, so you’re ready to get your party started.

Tell Guests What To Expect

Keep the party expectations clear with an invitation that spells it all out. Include day, time, and the theme and required attire, like if swimsuits are recommended. This way, guests can dress accordingly. If your gathering will be held in the backyard, guests will appreciate knowing where to join the fun. Inform them If drinks are provided or if they should bring their favorites.

Keep It Simple

Everyone, including the host or hostess, will enjoy the festivities more if the party is simple. For example, if you’re hosting the entire menu, choose finger foods that don’t need to come straight out of the oven to be still delicious. Instead, serve snacks for a set time frame and then be done, so you’re not attending to the food table all night. Mix a big batch cocktail that guests can help themselves to and have self-serve water available.

Be Prepared

Midwest weather can be unpredictable, so do your best to keep guests comfortable. Provide umbrellas or a tent for shade for those who prefer to stay out of the sun. On the flip side, have a basket of blankets or a space heater ready in the event cooler temps sneak in for the night. If you’re grilling, fill the propane tanks and clean the grates before the guests arrive. Mow your lawn at least a day before the party, so freshly cut grass clippings don’t cling to your friends’ shoes as they walk through the yard. 

Have A Little Fun

While an entire schedule is not needed for party success, make plans for some entertainment during the bash. Pipe festive music through portable speakers to set the mood, but not so loud that you disturb the neighborhood. Or invite musically talented friends to bring their guitars and sing to offer some live music. Have a game of Twister out for your adventurous pals or a deck of cards for the competitive ones. 

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Affordable Ideas To Improve Curb Appeal

Boost your home’s curb appeal with affordable and classy improvements that don’t need to be expensive. Whether you’re getting your home ready to sell or refreshing your porch for spring, try a few small projects that will make a big difference.

Simple Solutions

First impressions of your yard and the path leading to the front door should offer a welcoming vibe. Start with washing the windows, so they sparkle. Providing symmetry to your landscaping and decorating is visually appealing, so flank the front door with matching pots or plants. Coordinate décor and exterior garden accessory colors. When in doubt, refer to the color wheel for guidance. Pick any color on the color wheel, then move your finger to the opposite color. Colors opposite on the wheel are complementary colors.

Borrow and Build

You don’t have to purchase new lawncare gadgets to complete curb appeal jobs. Instead, borrow your neighbor’s power washer and work to remove the spiderwebs in the corners and the grime on your gutters. Try your local hardware store to rent a stick edging machine that creates a root barrier and stops the grass from invading your landscape and garden beds. Build and install flower boxes and shutters to add dimension to the front of the house.

Porch Perfect

One of the most appealing ways to showcase your home’s entrance is creating a cozy seating area on your porch. Maximize the space and let your style present your version of charm and flair. Consider spending as much attention to detail on your porch as you might in the baby’s room or your home office. Tackle these projects to refresh the entryway:

  • Upgrade the light fixtures and door handles
  • Paint the front door and add a porch swing if possible
  • Add potted plants for a splash of color 
  • Hang a wreath on the door and display seasonally festive pillows 

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Home Staging

Industry professionals recommend staging your home before putting it on the market. So, what exactly does staging the home mean, and what do you need to know to do it well? 

Defining Home Staging

Home staging refers to the decorating method used when preparing a home for sale. The goal is to eliminate distractions while assembling the space. Staging is designed to showcase a home’s assets to attract and impress buyers.

Home Staging Dos And Don’ts


  • Highlight your outdoor living area not included in the home’s square footage.
  • Share adorable photos of your pet in the house. They get shared more on social media.
  • Show off your feature wall. It can grab attention, and most buyers repaint rooms anyway.


  • Overdecorate so your space looks crowded.
  • Leave patterned window treatments up. Replace them with neutral curtains.
  • Declutter so much that rooms feel empty or cold.

Virtual Tours Are Valuable

Once the home is staged, attract more buyers by providing a virtual tour. You’ll stand out from your competition and allow prospects to do the virtual walk-through of the property at their convenience. Statistics show that homes with a virtual tour option sell at up to a nine percent higher sales price.

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Questions To Ask When Finding A Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, finding a real estate agent to help you achieve your goals means you must ask good questions. So how do you find an agent right for you? Focus on the following categories when determining what to ask.


Experience matters, so find out what they know. Consider questions like these:

  • How many homes have you sold? 
  • Do you work full or part-time? 
  • In which neighborhoods do you primarily work? 
  • Is your license in good standing? 

If you must choose between two good candidates, compare sales results and how you relate to each other. Don’t forget to notice his or her level of professionalism to help you decide. A good agent knows the area and current market conditions to streamline your search.


Use an agent you connect with. Find a personality fit first, and then match your comfort using technology and their knowledge of the relevant neighborhoods for your search. It’s ok to ask how many other buyers or sellers the agent represents. Hint: the busiest agents are often the most efficient.


Look for an agent with a strong support team. It’s good to know if there is always reinforcement available at any time. Your agent will be in your corner from start to finish, and their experience will help connect you to qualified loan officers and real estate attorneys that will ultimately aid in the process until closing.

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Design Trends 2022

Design trends in 2022 make room for individual style. After months of focusing inward, designers suggest that it’s time to let our unique personality influence our interior design in a very intentional way. For example, clean white fixtures offset by simple grey walls have shifted to color trends that provide warmth, whimsy and wow factor.

Moody And Memorable Matters

Where minimalism was a recent key design element, today’s trends indicate the desire for elaborate changes and lots of them.

  • Moody spaces will include colors like caramel, chocolate, hunter green or aubergine that feel expressive and still cozy and comfortable.
  • Homeowners want to make their home look and feel like they are either at their favorite vacation spot or in a place they long to go. 
  • People want to have more fun at home, so they may experiment with wild patterns or color combinations, letting personal expression lead the decorating. 

Something Old And Something New

Buyers looking for something new will find that almost every manufacturer, from budget-friendly to high-end companies, is showing furniture pieces with curved edges and softer lines. Homeowners look to multipurpose pieces as better financial investments. And mixing and matching old and new items is the way forward. Vintage furniture is in high demand because it does not have supply chain issues. Want to incorporate a modern sofa with a family heirloom roll-top desk? Now’s the time! Younger clients want an alternative to mass-produced items and prefer furnishings that reflect their character and can grow with them, even if it starts with Grandma Pearl’s marble-top side table. 

Definitely In The Details

Making décor changes can be accomplished in big and small ways and is all in the details.

  • People are starting to value the idea of investing in higher-quality pieces that are well-made and long-lasting. 
  • Buyers look to add soft accent items like pillows and linens if they aren’t ready to repaint a room or purchase a new sofa. Think rich palettes of color and specialty textures, like mohair.
  • Materials like leathered granite or quartz in kitchens offer a slightly bumpy texture that tends to hide messes and is excellent for those who struggle to find time to clean.
  • Custom furniture made by local makers is in demand, as clients find value in having a unique and exclusive piece.  

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Home Design And Remodeling Trends

Today’s design and remodeling trends can be followed by tracking what homeowners are searching online. Companies compare last year’s to this year’s website searches to get a glimpse at what people are researching. See what trends have been popular in the first half of this year, as reported by Houzz Pro.

Dedicated Activity Space

Having flexible and functional space at home became important once working from home became prevalent. Home office searches jumped 108% over last year’s searches, indicating that finding practical use of existing space at home is a big deal. Turn a spare bedroom into a place for work. Rearrange the furniture to carve out a nook for a desk and laptop near the window.

Green Makes A Statement

After years of cool grays, blues and white, homeowners turn to green to add warmth to the home. And where do we see green? Pretty much everywhere! The most significant search trend for green is for kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles. Living spaces are filled with organic green botanical motifs when combined with natural wood. Existing chairs and sofas are being recovered in luscious, velvety fabrics in stunning emerald or peacock.

Decorating Accents

Add flair to a room by introducing new accent pieces to your living space. Replace your existing mirror with a luxurious and contemporary gold one. Swap your faucets, light fixtures and handles in the powder room with the updated champagne finish from the matte silver you have now. Jazz up your furniture pieces by purchasing new accent pillows for a fresh feel.

Swimming Pool And Water Features

Swimming pools are fun, and homeowners want control over when they can enjoy one and with whom they can enjoy it with. Pools that offer a water feature, like a waterfall, also provide the luxury and soothing sounds for relaxation owners seek. Pool companies are having a hard time keeping up with demand for the addition of this feature, confirming that the searching trend for pools being up 797% is right on point.

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Outdoor Living Expansion

Everything we do inside, we now want to do outside more than ever before. Consider a few options as you plan projects to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Renovation Nation

High-end accents like a fire pit or hot tub are both in demand right now. Homeowners want tailored, renovated spaces for safe gatherings and more staycations. Create a custom look by adding lighting, which is on the list for more than half of those tackling an outdoor reno project.

Work And Cook At Home

Many are still working from home. And if you work from home, you eat and cook more at home too. Add an outdoor kitchen with a cooktop, extra counter space and a refrigerator for convenience. Outdoor pizza ovens and barbeques are hot trends. Foodies are planting vegetables and herbs right outside the door, too, since fresh produce tastes so much better in summer salads and entrees.

Focus On The Front Yard

Before 2020, we did most of our socializing in the backyard, where we had room for cozy gatherings on the deck or patio. But many are now looking to enhance the usefulness of the front yard too, where they can visit while maintaining guidelines for social distancing.

Space To Relax

Homeowners seek out space where they can unwind and find quiet. And privacy has become a big priority. Outdoor additions like covered side yards and nooks provide an area of respite. Build a garden set away from the house to relieve stress and triumph in the crop pick. Add feeders and a water source for the friendly neighborhood birds, who will bring soothing bird melodies with them during their visit.

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Create A Calming Home Office

With nearly 40% more people working from home on a permanent basis as compared to one year ago, it’s more important than ever to make a relaxing yet productive home working environment a priority.  Take these steps to create the workspace you’ll need this year.

Get The Space Right

Determine where the ideal home office space could be in your home. Then find a way to rearrange or organize to put the office together. Our surroundings can have a huge impact on how we feel and how effective we can be. You may need to repaint the walls a more soothing shade of green or yellow, which are colors that are easiest for our eyes to see and process. Select a comfortable chair that provides back support through proper ergonomic design when possible.

Let There Be Light

It’s extremely important to have proper lighting in a home office. Warm light is best for the eyes. This includes filtered natural light and light produced by incandescent and LED light bulbs. To reduce eye strain, have lighting installed over the reading or writing area and near the computer so there’s no reflection off the computer screen. In general, it’s best to have natural light in front of or next to work surfaces and computer screens to avoid glare. By reducing eye strain, you’ll be able to work longer and more safely.

When It’s Not Black And White

If you’re not able to make a dedicated workspace, and you have your computer on the dining room table, don’t fret. Sometimes your options are not as clear as black or white, and your choice ends up being a shade of grey instead. Consider being creative with your work expectations in conjunction with your family’s schedule. If there’s a time of day that is critical to focus on spreadsheets or work on copywriting, maybe this is when the kids have quiet time in their rooms. Trying to orchestrate zoom meetings alongside your spouse, who is also working nearby? You may need to alternate working at the nearby coffee shop on those days.

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