The Dangers of Decorating

It’s time to deck the halls but danger could be lurking in those decorations. Keep your family safe this holiday season by keeping these hazards in mind.


Your fresh tree should be green and needs regular water. If your tree is losing needles or the needles break between your fingers, go into revival mode and get plenty of water to your tree. A brittle tree is a fire hazard. Don’t block doorways with your tree and place the tree away from a fireplace or heat source as those make your tree dry out faster.


Damaged sets should never be placed on your tree. When it doubt, toss it out and get a new string of lights. Use no more than three standard size sets of lights per extension cord. Keep wrapped gifts away from outlets and never pile gifts on top of an extension cord on the floor.


Candles can look beautiful but they are a fire hazard and should be used with caution. Keep candles away from wrapping paper, decorations and sources of blowing air. Pick a spot where kids and pets won’t knock over it candles. If you’ll be out of the room for a while, blow out the candles and relight them later. Candles shouldn’t be left unattended.


Children or animals can try and eat decorations that look like candy or are actually food. Skip the strings of popcorn or cranberries if you have small kids or pets. These items are too tempting and could be fatal.


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