Home Safety During the Holidays

Help keep your home safe during the holiday season. Simple steps can be taken to secure your belongings and prevent your home from being a target for burglars. Most home burglaries take place during the day between 10a.m. and 3p.m. and only take between eight to ten minutes. Keep valuable items like cash, electronics and jewelry, which are easy to carry and not easy to trace, away from view.

Maintain your landscape by trimming bushes and removing obstacles that block visibility to the street. A well-lit home is a great deterrent to thieves. Keep your lights on a timer so there is perceived movement in the home.

If you choose to travel this season, don’t post a status update on social media about being gone. When packing your car to leave, try doing it quickly or inside the garage with the door closed. Statistics show that most burglars live within two miles of your home, so try not to announce your departure. It may seem obvious, but ensure that all doors and windows are locked. Place a wooden dowel bar to secure sliding doors in your absence. Tell a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for packages on the porch and make tracks in snow to give the illusion that you’re still home.

Maybe installing a home security system isn’t in the budget yet, but mounting a decoy camera near an entrance point is a good option and makes your home a less desirable target for theft. Replace locks that look broken or old to indicate a secure home. And maybe this is the year to get your kids a puppy for Christmas, as intruders avoid homes with dogs.

Take the extra time to protect your home this season. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


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