Make Your Neighbors Your Friends

You wave and smile to the guy down the street, but you don’t know his name or address. You only know him by his car. You might actually talk to your next door neighbors, but only if you happen to catch them in their yard on a weekend. Do you ever wish you had more meaningful relationships with the people in your neighborhood?

Nextdoor is a social media network, similar to Facebook, but localized to just your neighborhood. People sign up, verify where they live and start sharing information with their neighbors on a secure website. It’s a fun way to break the ice and make new friends, and imagine the possibilities beyond the social benefits.

If your pet gets loose or if somebody suspicious is hanging out in your neighborhood, you can quickly post to Nextdoor to get the word out to your neighbors with an urgent alert. You can also post if you’re giving away household items or plants or put the word out to fellow gardeners if you’re seeking heirloom seeds or perennial cuttings. Finding a great babysitter has never been easier!

Nextdoor is free to use and you can share as much, or as little, of your personal information as you like. It only takes one person to become the Founding Member to set up the website. Nextdoor will send a postcard to all of your neighbors for free, encouraging them to join. You can also leave flyers on doors or go door-to-door, the old fashioned and friendly way, to let your neighbors know about Nextdoor. Make a sign and post it in your yard or ask a business in your neighborhood to post a sign in their window.

Before long, your neighbors will be waving back, in a genuine way that says, “hi, friend.”

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