Planning a Party Checklist

Planning a partyPlanning a party for the upcoming Labor Day holiday shouldn’t be intimidating. By staying organized and starting early, you can plan, create and host a memorable gathering in your own backyard or indoor living space.  Follow this simple party planning checklist to help keep you on track for planning a party.

One Month Before Party

  • Set the date, time and place for the party.
  • Decide on a theme.
  • Determine your budget, then estimate the cost of each party element to be sure it’s realistic.
  • Think about ways to make the party special, like surprising entertainment, beautiful décor or delicious food.

Three Weeks Before Party

  • Mail or email invitations.
  • Order flowers from your local florist.
  • Rent extra chairs and linens from your local rental company if needed.
  • Check to be sure you have the necessary serving pieces, serving utensils and pitchers. Rent or buy to supplement as needed.
  • Source and order party favors.

Two Weeks Before Party

  • Plan your menu and create a shopping list.
  • Draft a timeline for preparing each dish.
  • Prepare any items that can be frozen now and brought out later.

One Week Before Party

  • Follow up with any guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet.
  • Stock up on your beverages of choice.
  • Create your music playlist.

Two Days Before Party

  • Buy groceries or additional bar items.
  • Write place cards and create a seating chart.
  • Wash glassware, serving pieces and silverware.

Day Before Party

  • Pick up and arrange flowers.
  • Prep and chop fruits and vegetables, wash salad greens, refrigerate.
  • Prepare any sauces or salad dressings that can be refrigerated.
  • Let neighbors know if cars will be parked in front of their homes.

Morning of Party

  • Chill wine.
  • Set tables.
  • Set up bar, slice lemons and other garnishes.
  • Marinate meat, if necessary.
  • Check guest bathroom: empty trash, set out clean guest towels, place great-smelling soap and a flower next to the sink.

Two Hours Before Party

  • Set out all serving pieces that will be used on the buffet.
  • Finish prepping all food that can be done before guests arrive.
  • Set aside space for dirty dishes and glasses.
  • Have trash cans and extra garbage bags ready.

One Hour Before Party

  • Light a scented candle in the bathroom.
  • Turn on your music playlist.
  • Set out party snacks.
  • Get dressed and party ready!

Hope these tips for planning a party help you for your next gathering. Hosting at home can be such fun gathering with your favorite friends and family. Think that it is time to find that perfect home suited for entertaining? Contact your Mel Foster Co. agent today and begin your search now.


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