Planning for Your Baby

Creating the Perfect Nursery.
Creating the Perfect Nursery.

There are many things to worry about when a baby is on the way, but getting your nursery together shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a few tips to help you have a perfect nursery for your newborn.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing to do is to start with a plan. It’s very easy to get caught up in picking out cribs, toys and diapers, but you don’t want to find out later the curtains you love won’t match the paint you picked out. Be sure to get exact measurements to know how much space you have to work with. Starting with an overall plan will prevent future headaches.

Function over Fashion

Appearances aren’t everything when picking out furniture, paint and decorations. Don’t forget the nursery serves specific functions. You need to be able to change diapers, feed and calm the baby while remaining comfortable. Make sure the beautiful rocking chair you picked out is comfortable for extended periods of time, or the changing table, which fits perfectly with the room, also provides ample storage. You’ll end up kicking yourself if the investments you made aren’t practical.

Create a Calming Environment

You’ll be spending quite a few hours in the nursery, so be sure to create a comfortable environment. Natural colors and adjustable lighting are ideal to create a soothing environment for both you and the baby. If you plan to add fun colors and accessories, consult the color wheel and pick complimentary colors. This allows you to create a personal nursery, while remaining universally appealing if you decide to sell your home.

Be Creative with Storage

A nursery can never have too much storage. Diapers, wipes, blankets, clothing and medication need to be easily accessible. Adding shelves or stacking cubbies provides vertical storage to maintain more organization with less space. You’ll thank yourself when you easily diapers and spare clothes in the middle of the night.

Planning ahead to create the perfect nursery allows you to devote more time to caring for your baby. Your little one won’t be little forever, so enjoy being with them during this exciting time.


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