Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Few of us look back on our lives and remember the nights we went to bed early. It’s the time of year for outdoor entertaining! Consider these suggestions, so you’re ready to get your party started.

Tell Guests What To Expect

Keep the party expectations clear with an invitation that spells it all out. Include day, time, and the theme and required attire, like if swimsuits are recommended. This way, guests can dress accordingly. If your gathering will be held in the backyard, guests will appreciate knowing where to join the fun. Inform them If drinks are provided or if they should bring their favorites.

Keep It Simple

Everyone, including the host or hostess, will enjoy the festivities more if the party is simple. For example, if you’re hosting the entire menu, choose finger foods that don’t need to come straight out of the oven to be still delicious. Instead, serve snacks for a set time frame and then be done, so you’re not attending to the food table all night. Mix a big batch cocktail that guests can help themselves to and have self-serve water available.

Be Prepared

Midwest weather can be unpredictable, so do your best to keep guests comfortable. Provide umbrellas or a tent for shade for those who prefer to stay out of the sun. On the flip side, have a basket of blankets or a space heater ready in the event cooler temps sneak in for the night. If you’re grilling, fill the propane tanks and clean the grates before the guests arrive. Mow your lawn at least a day before the party, so freshly cut grass clippings don’t cling to your friends’ shoes as they walk through the yard. 

Have A Little Fun

While an entire schedule is not needed for party success, make plans for some entertainment during the bash. Pipe festive music through portable speakers to set the mood, but not so loud that you disturb the neighborhood. Or invite musically talented friends to bring their guitars and sing to offer some live music. Have a game of Twister out for your adventurous pals or a deck of cards for the competitive ones. 

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