Mel Foster Co. Donates School Supplies.

Donating School Suppliles

Mel Foster Co. is donating 45,000 pencils to children in kindergarten through 8th grades, enrolled in Quad City schools and in the surrounding districts. The donation helps ensure young students start the school year with one new item from their school supply list.

Lynsey Engels, President, Real Estate Brokerage for Mel Foster Co. feels passionately about supporting the community, and is especially dedicated to causes that help youth. “Back to school time was always exciting for me and my siblings as children. As adults and parents now, we realize how important it is for a child’s self esteem to be high, especially as they enter a new grade or even a new school after a move. We also know the burden of school supplies can have on families and teachers so that’s why the pre-sharpened pencils were a must.  By giving school supplies, Mel Foster Co. helps to give that little boost that comes with having something new at back to school time.”

Pencils will be delivered to schools the week of 15 August.

“On behalf of the Davenport Community Schools and the Quad Cities First Day School Supply Drive, we are grateful for our newest partnership with Mel Foster Co. Our students always need pencils and this donation will help fill an important, basic need. A strong public education system is important to our quality of life and we appreciate your support for our students,” said Dawn Saul, Communications/Media Relations for Davenport Community School District.


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