Light My Fire.

Gas vs. Traditional
Gas vs. Wood?

If you’re considering installing a fireplace in your home, it’s hard to decide between a gas fireplace and a traditional wood fireplace. Here’s a break down of the differences so you make the right choice for your home.


Gas fireplaces are appealing, flip a switch and have a fire. You don’t have to fuss with firewood, ashes or cleanup. The exhaust can often be fit to existing chimneys so no additional construction is required beyond the installation of the fireplace itself. The warm air will stay inside your home, providing you with a consistent source of heat. It usually isn’t cost effective to heat your entire house with the gas fireplace, but heating a room or a large open space is a viable option.


Traditional fireplaces are typically cheaper than gas fireplaces. The install is cheaper, and so is wood when compared to propane. They require far more upkeep than gas fireplaces including cleaning up ashes, sweeping the chimney and personally working to keep the fire going. The upside most people appreciate is having an actual fire, with an appealing aroma, snaps and pops. If you enjoy creating your own fire and having a realistic experience, you definitely want to install a traditional fireplace.


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