Design Trends 2021

Design Trends 2021

You’re ready to update your space while you’re spending more time at home. Consider these 2021 design trends as you conceptualize the ideal theme for your living space.

Color Is Key

Many homeowners are planning on painting this spring when windows can be opened for better ventilation. Leading design influencers have determined a few noteworthy color trends for this year.

  • Earthy, grounded shades and human skin tones are seeing a comeback. Owners seeking harmony at home can find a variety of options for a soothing, relaxing retreat.
  • Pantone’s colors of the year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow, conveying a message of endurance and hope when choosing to design with the two contrasting colors.
  • Add a vibrant, striking color like teal or bold, wallpaper patterns like palm leaves or elephants on accent walls to create the feel of a tropical getaway to distant shores.

Plenty Of Plants

Plants are refreshing, helping filter the air for us, and add lively yet natural color to the home. And you don’t need a green thumb to embrace the idea of plants in your space. Try easy to care for plants like succulents, ferns, spider plants or ivy to add green to your space. Begonia or lavender can offer a slight pop of color to the mix of greenery. Plants are contemporary and practical, and current design trends like macrame plant holders are readily available for purchase to easily showcase your plant collection.

Old Wood Is Good

There is a common debate among homeowners when choosing wood finishes for their space. Trends indicate that you don’t need to buy new to have design flair.

  • Shabby chic is in. So refurbishing and painting the vintage sideboard you discovered at the resale shop with your favorite color is on point.
  • Cottagecore is a trending design influence that promotes reclaimed wood with contrasting grain and texture for floors, ceilings, or focal pieces like islands in the kitchen.
  • Elegant vintage ties classic wood pieces like a buffet with stained glass windows in with modern finishes like brushed gold fixtures to create an old and new blended feel.

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