Create a home bathroom spa

Create A Home Bathroom Spa

You’ve been dreaming of designing your own peaceful bathroom retreat where you can relax and unwind. It’s time to convert your basic bathroom into a spa-like oasis that offers you the solitude you seek.

Upgrade Features

Pamper yourself by upgrading your shower with a massage or rainfall shower head, especially if you don’t have a large soaking tub to indulge in. Choose a unique shower head that has several features like a waterfall, high pressure water or even a hand-held option. Add heated floors in the bathroom for even more luxury.

Add Elements of Nature

Incorporate houseplants and flowers to add natural color and life to the room. Indoor plants are an easy way to turn your bathroom into a more tranquil setting. Consider bud vases that you can fill with blooms from your own garden or a larger vase you can fill with your favorite flowers.

Select Soothing Accents

Choose paint colors that provide a relaxing atmosphere. Treat yourself to deluxe new towels and a bathmat that feels plush and even a little lavish. You deserve it.

Declutter and Organize

Keep bathroom essentials you use on a daily basis handy, but store away the rest of your care products in organized bins in the cabinet. Allow an easy, regular routine without adding angst over an overcrowded countertop or cluttered drawers.

Introduce Aromas

Try infusing essential oils into the room or add scented candles and soaps that evoke a happy memory or calming effect. Lavender or eucalyptus tend to be popular options, but select whatever scent makes you the happiest.

Consider the many different ways you can update your home while increasing your property value.


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