Toss Out Your Shovel And Rake

Enjoy your retirement and let somebody else take care of the yard work and exterior maintenance. It’s time to downsize and start spending more time with your hobbies and less time taking care of your home. A condo in an active senior community might be just what you need.

Having a condo means you can travel all year without the stresses that come with maintaining a home while you’re away. It’ll be easier to just lock the door and head to the sunshine in the south if you aren’t concerned about lawn care or shoveling.

In a senior community, you’ll be surrounded by your peers with similar interests and life experiences. Friendships can be formed easily and some neighborhoods plan group activities or trips. There is also less concern about loud and rowdy neighbors in a senior community.

Many communities offer a range of care, allowing you to easily transition from independent living to assisted living. You might also be able to enjoy dining privileges at a clubhouse or exercise in a community gym.

The demand for active senior housing is increasing. Find out what options are available in your town by contacting one of Mel Foster Co.’s Senior Real Estate Specialists ® (SRES®). Click here to find an agent.


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