The Low Down on Relo

Mel Foster Co.’s award winning Relocation Division is staffed by specialized agents who understand the challenges of moving to a new community. There is more to a move than just buying or selling a house. Utilizing the services of a Mel Foster relocation agent is like having a personal assistant guide you through the moving process. The service is free and Mel Foster relocation agents can help you move into or out of the Quad Cities.

When it’s time to make the big move, the first step is working with your relocation agent to determine your budget to rent, buy or build. You might also need temporary housing while you conduct a more long-term home search and your agent can do all of this for you and help you find a lender if you are buying.

While you are preparing your budget, a cost of living comparison can be done to help you find out how far your money goes in your new community. The analysis looks beyond home prices and examines utilities, groceries, transportation and healthcare.

The Mel Foster Co. website is packed with useful information for homebuyers. In addition to seeing photos of homes for sale, you can gather community data and neighborhood specifics that will help you narrow down your search with your relocation agent.

No matter where your move takes you, your Mel Foster relocation agent can set up a community orientation tour. It’ll help you get a basic lay of the land, see where your new job is located and help you find schools, stores and restaurants. This tour also shows you where you can have fun and helps you visualize the community you’ve been studying online.

If you are moving to the Quad Cities, you can request a free Mel Foster relocation package. You will find out what arts and cultural amenities exist, where you can explore the outdoors and what incentives may be available to buy or build in a particular town.

Once your search is underway, your relocation agent can help you transition to your new location by tying up loose ends at your old home. Finding a listing agent and working on the move out check list together will allow you to confidently walk out of your home knowing that you’ve left it in the capable hands of your agent.

As you prepare to move into your new home, your agent can provide contacts for utilities and repair companies to get your home move in ready. Your relocation agent can also assist with securing insurance coverage for your new home through our Insurance Division. Consider the time you’ll save by relying on your Mel Foster relocation agent!

Relocation agents are specially trained to understand the needs of an entire family during a move. It can be a time of much uncertainty and relocation agents can assist spouses in finding employment in a new town. Your relocation agent is the one constant you can rely on to make a smooth transition to a new community. Why go it alone when there’s help from the Mel Foster Relocation Division.

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