Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends Buyers Want To See

The kitchen gets the most attention and comments from potential buyers. It’s often the room that is easiest to fall in love with…and the one that is easiest to hate. If you are considering updating your kitchen to maximize resale value, include these trends that buyers want to see.

Embrace Grey and White

To create a kitchen that sells, ditch complicated, outdated color themes and opt instead for the simplicity and cleanliness associated with greys and whites. Minimalism is an increasingly popular design trend when it comes to kitchens. White is associated with clean and bright, making this a great color to go with when thinking about cabinets, décor and kitchen furniture.

Grey, on the other hand, can be a very calming and charming color. It’s great to use when you’re trying to create an inviting environment and centralized hub for families.

Think Natural

Instead of making everything in a kitchen look brand new, try a more natural, lived in look. Buyers today are looking for high-quality material that has been creatively reused and repurposed to add charm to a home. Try incorporating natural-feeling elements into your kitchen to create a warm, inviting environment for potential buyers when they walk through the home for the first time. Examples of popular natural choices include:

  • Reclaimed wood for ceilings or ceiling beams
  • Edison bulb lights or industrial lighting fixtures that hang exposed from the ceiling
  • Reclaimed/repurposed wood for floors or kitchen island siding
  • Heavy butcher block counters in place of granite or marble countertops
  • Repurposed subway tiles as charming back-splash features

By adding a few warm features like this, you can add character to a home while still keeping it updated and modern.

Focus on Utility

Buyers don’t just want kitchens to look nice, they want kitchens to function properly. Help find a good balance between aesthetic design and actual function. Try some of these techniques:

  • Hidden storage drawers that pull out for easy access
  • Built-in storage racks in pantries
  • Exposed, easily accessible glass containers that fit into the overall design of the kitchen
  • Mini center islands on wheels that can be moved around various areas of the kitchen based on need (next to the sink, next to guests, off to the side and out of the way)

A great looking kitchen will draw attention from prospective buyers. A great looking kitchen that also has great function will be unforgettable and help you sell your home.

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