Five Tips To Prevent Identity Theft

Moving is stressful, and that’s the way identity thieves like it. It’s confusing with people coming in and out of your house to pack and move your belongings. Keep your guard up and follow these tips to keep your identity yours.

1. Change It

The people who move into your old place might not be as diligent as you about shredding credit card offers. You could have pre-approved offers ending up unopened in the garbage and this is easy pickings for an identity thief. Change your address through the U.S. Postal Service online or fill out the form at your nearest post office.

2. Shred It

While you pack, go through your old financial documents, including bank and credit card statements. Fire up the shredder and give yourself peace of mind by taking care of the shredding and disposal yourself.

3. Watch It

Your personal identity and financial documents should be kept in a folder that you keep with you during your move. Don’t let this folder get packed away into a file cabinet and put on a moving van.

4. Protect It

Each of your mobile devices should be password protected. Don’t print out a list of your passwords. Use an online or mobile source to securely keep all of your passwords. Keep your phone with you at all times during your move. And don’t pack your computer, tablet or other device in a box labeled electronics. Write fragile on the box and mark it with a star so only you know what’s really inside. The star will help you identify this box more quickly when you unpack.

5. Shut It

Don’t count down the days until your move on social media. Chances are, criminals are counting down the days with you! Wait until the movers are gone and you’re settled into your new home before telling the world about your move.


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