Winter Home Improvements Lead to Lower Utility Costs.

Ideas to lower your utility costs.
Ideas to lower your utility costs.

Save money on your utilities by tackling these smaller improvements this winter.

  1. Appliances

January is a great month to buy appliances. Retailers are trying to move last year’s inventory before new models are introduced. For every energy-efficient appliance you add to your home, you’ll save anywhere from $50-$100 annually. Time your purchases right for deep discounts and save money on your utility bill. In addition to the cost savings, you’ll have reliable appliances you can depend on for many years.

  1. Insulation

Make sure your insulation is in top shape, especially in the basement, attic and garage. Studies have found insulation purchases have over 100 percent price recuperation if you decide to sell your home. Not only will it add value to your home in the long run, your energy bills will be lowered almost immediately.

  1. Landscaping

Winter months are the perfect time to start planning your outdoor designs. According to the Chicago Botanic Garden, in winter there is less chance of transmitting diseases from one plant to another or attracting insects to fresh pruning wounds. By planning your spring planting now, you’ll get a jump on your spring chores. By the summer, your pruned trees or new plantings will be shading your yard and padding your pocket in the form of lower utility costs.


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