Three Things Your Agent Can’t Tell You

If you’re moving to a new town or even just across town to a new neighborhood, you may unintentionally ask your real estate agent questions that legally he or she cannot answer. Fair housing laws restrict your agent from answering what may seem like honest questions. But your agent can guide you to resources where you can gather the data you are seeking.

Is this a good neighborhood?

Seems like a pretty basic question, but the classification of “good” could mean a host of things. Is it a question about crime, walkability or proximity to amenities? If crime is your key concern, the web is filled with comparative sites that allow you to look at two cities side by side and form your own opinion.

Are the schools good?

There are a number of independent websites where you can find rankings, test scores, graduation rates and other academic benchmarks. For each major city served by Mel Foster Co., a link is available with additional listings for public and private schools. Click here to link to the communities page.

Is it cheaper to live in Iowa or Illinois?

This is a much more complex question that is best answered by your income tax advisor who is familiar with your situation. Click here for broad information about both states and specific communities.


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