Shedding Light On The Situation

That gold chandelier above the dining room table and the globe light bulbs around your bathroom mirror need to go. Breathe some new life into your home with updated lighting fixtures. Over a weekend your home can go from frumpy to fabulous.

Think about some funky colored or shaped pendant lights above the island or sink. Pendants give you a chance to bring some personality into your kitchen. Don’t get hung up on how many inches your light needs to be from the surface. Just eyeball it with somebody’s help and do what looks right to you.

Living Room
The track lighting that accents your fireplace can be replaced with recessed lights, angled to still cast light on your artwork or family photo. Recessed lighting bulbs are much smaller now and LEDs are efficient and long lasting.

Who says a chandelier only belongs in the entryway or dining room! Add some bling to your bathroom with a sparkly chandelier. Options that are glass or even plastic are less expensive than crystal options and much lighter.

Install a dimmer on your main overhead light to set a romantic mood or help you unwind before bedtime. A light with an adjustable level is also great in the morning so you aren’t blasted with bright light as soon as your day begins.

If you’ve never installed a light fixture, count on a friend to show you the way or read the instructions all the way through before taking down the old fixture. And always be sure to shut off the power at the electrical box before you start.


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