How to manger a difficult neighbor

How to manage a Difficult Neighbor

Dealing with a neighbor who isn’t cooperative or respectful can be challenging and should be managed carefully. Consider efforts listed below in order to help keep the peace. 

Look At Your Behaviors First

Before you decide that the neighbor next door and their annoying behaviors must be addressed, take a moment to evaluate the kind of neighbor you are first. Ask yourself a few questions and decide if your answers qualify you as a thoughtful, model neighbor before you decide to criticize your neighbor’s bothersome actions.

  • What’s your typical noise level? Do you mow the lawn too early or have kids screaming all day?
  • Are your pets contained in your yard and reasonably quiet and kind?
  • Do you respect the property line when caring for the lawn or adding structures?

Attempt Friendship And Assume Good Intentions

Make the effort to get to know your neighbor. Establishing a friendship can alleviate issues because both parties might be willing to respectfully discuss conflicts as they arise and work together to find solutions. Are you planning an outdoor gathering where the party’s music will extend into late night hours? Share your party plans with your neighbor in advance so he or she is aware and can plan accordingly. Assume that most people have good intentions and aren’t deliberately creating problems, until you learn differently.

Document Everything

While you may not ever need to involve a third-party during conflicts, it’s always a good idea to take good notes when disputes arise. Be sure to document date and time in your notes, list what witnesses may have been nearby or involved and take photos if any property damage has occurred. Keep relevant emails or texts in the event you have to involve your HOA, or Homeowner’s Association, or lawyers or police.

Call Proper Authorities For The Circumstance

If you’ve genuinely tried to address concerns with peaceful resolution in mind and this is not working out, take the steps necessary to get the proper authorities involved. Contacting the police should be a last resort. For instance, if your neighbor continues to throw trash in your yard after repeated requests to stop, you can probably resolve the issue with the city’s code enforcement department. A noisy or frequently loose dog might warrant a call to your HOA before the police or animal control.

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