Great Photography Sells Home Faster

Great Photography Sells Home Faster

Use high quality photographs to sell your home faster. How much faster will it sell? Studies done by a real estate photography company claim that your home will sell 32% faster when you provide magazine-quality images as opposed to those taken with your cell phone. Work with your Mel Foster Co. agent to get lined up with a professional photographer who does it right. You can help the photographer get great photos of your home by being ready on picture day.

Declutter and clean

Start by taking everything in the kitchen off the counters like your toaster, blender and utensils. Place them in the pantry or cupboards to present a well-kept space. Deep clean every surface including your stovetop and floors. You’ll want the whole room to sparkle. If you have windows that provide natural light, be sure to open curtains and let the sunshine in.

Get creative with storage

It’s ok to box up your extra but necessary items and store them neatly in the garage or shed during open houses. Take your time when boxing things and label the boxes so you know where to find your special spices or blender. Leave the boxes in a spot that is easily accessible for when you need to use them. Some stacked storage is normal and looks best when it’s organized and tidy.

Stage it

The time to rearrange the seating in your family room is before you shoot the photos. Create inviting furniture groupings meant for conversation and comfort. Contact your interior designer friend or consider hiring a professional stager to ensure your photos will look as welcoming as possible. It is important to remove your personal family photos so potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the space.

Tell a story

You have to win buyers over with compelling photos online. A majority of buyers, 95% of them, start their dream home search on the internet, so you’ll only secure a viewing in person if they like what they see online. Place the photos in the following order when sharing online: the exterior, then the entryway, kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom, and then any additional bedrooms.

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