Three Reasons to List Your House Today.

With the welcome change in the weather, now is the time to put your home on the market. As a potential seller, you may have several reservations keeping you from taking the plunge. There are a few very compelling reasons why you should consider selling your home this spring rather than waiting.

1. Now is the time for an upgrade

If you are considering an upgrade to a larger or more expensive home, now is the perfect time to make your move. Prices are forecasted to appreciate by 4% by the end of this year, and nearly double that by the end of 2015. If you wait, your move could end up costing you more. Making a move this spring is going to get you more home for your money.

2. Competition

Housing inventory always grows steadily starting in spring and through the summer. Homeowners are also starting to see a return to positive equity in their homes as prices rise. Over time that is only going to increase, meaning more homes will be coming to market. Putting your home up for sale this spring will give you a jump-start and help you stand out to early bird buyers.

3. Demand

Buyers know that more homes become available during the spring and summer months. Nobody likes to move in the winter and parents don’t like to disrupt their children’s school year. Buyers wanting to move this summer are looking for a new home now! Don’t miss out on a potential buyer by waiting too long to list your home. Strike while the iron is hot and reap the benefits of listing your home this spring when most buyers are on the house hunt.

Why List your House Today?
Why List your House Today?


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