tailgates done right

Tailgating Done Right

Now’s the time to tailgate and provide the ultimate outdoor gathering for your friends and family. Put on your party hat, your favorite team gear and get yourself ready to pull off a celebration they won’t forget.

  1. Tricks of the Trade

Top-notch tailgaters know a few tricks to ensuring their guests have a memorable time. Bringing the right items is key, so include elements like a portable grill, tables for serving and extension cords as necessities. Bring duct tape for set up emergencies, a bungee cord to hang a roll of paper towels, a first aid kit for unexpected blunders and sunscreen so you can enjoy the game and the days after without the ache of sunburn. You can never have too many garbage bags, as those not used for collecting trash can second as ponchos when rain arrives.

  1. Look Ahead and Layout

Assign the early bird friend to stake out and reserve your spot for the tailgate. Look for a location closest to existing trash cans and bathrooms that also allows for easy exit when it’s closing time. Review the tailgating rules and policies online before arrival so you won’t have to worry about confiscation of items or unintended rule breaking that might cause trouble for the group. Determine designated drivers the day before so you know you’ll get home safely.

  1. Food Prep and Fare

Much of your food prep can be done before game day so the pressure of cramming it in the day of the event is eliminated. Hand-form your burgers, put together meat and veggie skewers, slice up the fruit and refrigerate overnight. Freeze water bottles and use them to help keep food cold in coolers. Put bottle openers, napkins, plates, silverware, wipes, utensils and foil for the grill in one plastic container so they are easy to find and ready to use. Arrange and label one cooler for the kids and one for adults.

  1. Clean Up and Cart Away

Clean up can be simple. Utilize empty beer or soda cardboard cases to gather empty cans, bottles and plastic for recycling. Determine if your tailgate location has recycling bins on site and if you can dispose of the empty containers on the property. Always leave your party spot in the same condition as when you arrived by picking up all the trash and taking home all the things you came with. The next tailgaters will appreciate a clean spot to entertain in too!

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