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Moving And Forwarding Your Mail With USPS

Moving and aren’t sure how to get your mail to your new home without a lot of hassle? Start by changing your mailing address with the US Postal Service in person or online and keep these tips in mind.

Select the Right USPS Form

There are three forms on the USPS website; individuals, families and businesses. Be sure to fill out the right form. The service is free if you sign up at the post office, and is $1 when you fill out the forms online.

Plan Ahead

Forwarding service takes seven to 10 days. Count the days to be sure you’re living at the new address when the mail starts arriving. If you fail to fill out the forms with enough time for the postal service to set up the forwarding, they will collect and store your mail for up to 10 days. After this time, they’ll try to return it to the sender.

Know the Expiration Date

USPS address change forwarding generally lasts one year. For magazines and newspapers, the service only lasts for two months. Include magazines and newspapers in your initial list of who to notify of the change of address.

Who to Notify

Include your bank, the IRS, your doctors, credit card companies, insurance providers, DMV and of course your family and friends.

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