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Moline Office Receives a Make Over

Lynsey Engels, President of Real Estate Brokerage is pleased to announce their Moline office just completed an office remodel. The interior of the office was completely updated to accommodate the integration of technology upgrades, allow for improved communication among the agents and staff and to reflect the contemporary style in furniture and fixtures found in many homes.

Bob Reaves, managing broker of the Moline office said, “With this office remodel project, we are happy to provide our clients with more collaborative working spaces when discussing buying or selling a home. The large TV screens make it easier for agents to present and share information and to view listings with their clients. The new configuration and use of technology make conversations with clients more active and allows our agents to become more engaged with buyers and sellers. The whole office is truly a fresh new communication tool.”

The newly designed space on 41st Street in Moline delivers more than just function. Several of the walls have giant photographic murals featuring local bridges that spotlight Mel Foster Co. is a local company that has been in the Quad Cities nearly 100 years.

Reaves continues, “While agents do enjoy the flexibility of not having to report to a desk in an office at 8:00 a.m., many are still eager each day to see their co-workers, share stories and lend each other a hand when needed. Selling real estate is a relationship business and most agents do really enjoy those personal interactions.”

Lynsey Engels, Mel Foster Co. president, real estate brokerage, explained why it was important for the company to make this investment. “Mel Foster Co. is continuing to stay current with industry trends to help agents work more efficiently and comfortably in an office setting while still being mobile enough to meet the flexible needs of our clients. Some of the technology upgrades may not be noticeable to visitors but we are sure they will appreciate the spacious meeting spaces and the thought that went into designing a space to make them feel welcome and valued.”


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