Living Large In A Tiny Home.

Tiny-HomeThe days of the ginormous McMansion are coming to an end. People are starting to downsize, understanding that less is more when owning a home. Have you thought about the option of a micro home? These miniature homes, trailers, and even converted shipping containers are growing in popularity nationwide. With this growing niche in real estate, perhaps it’s time to give micro housing some serious consideration. Ask your agent to search for homes with less square footage or find a small parcel of land to build your own micro home.

Take a look at just a few of the benefits of living in a tiny house.

Reduced Cost

A smaller home can mean lower building costs, insurance, taxes and utilities. If you decide to build, you may be able to afford the construction cost outright, eliminating the need for a home loan. As a homeowner, who wouldn’t want more disposable income!

Reduced Clutter

With a micro home comes the idea of a simpler life. Less space means less room for unnecessary clutter. You may find that all that “stuff” you thought you needed was simply just junk taking up space. In a micro home, a minimalistic lifestyle becomes a necessity. With less square footage, you are more likely to only keep necessities. And think of the time you’ll save cleaning a smaller house!

Green Living

Micro homes use far fewer resources than a traditional home. Micro homes use less land, fewer materials, and make a much smaller dent in natural resources traditionally utilized to keep a traditional home running.


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