building a new home

If They Build It, Will You Love It?

Buying new construction may seem like the best way to get everything you want in your dream home. While there are certainly benefits to starting from scratch, there are also some things to consider when deciding if new construction is the way to go.

What you see isn’t always what you get.

Model homes often showcase high-end features like granite counter tops in the kitchen or a clawfoot tub in the bathroom. These items may not be included in the standard home and so the price listed won’t reflect the home you fell in love with. During your model home tour, be sure to ask what features are included in the base price and what is available. Remember that prices can fluctuate based on how much time passes between the initial quote and when construction begins.

Research the builder.

The internet is an easy resource to search reviews, testimonials and articles about the builder you are considering. Ask friends and neighbors about their experiences and get their feedback. Take time to visit the builders’ current developments so you are familiar with what they offer.

What does the future look like?

Visit the city development website or office to determine what is planned for your neighborhood and surrounding area. Are there plans to widen the road? Which direction is the builder growing toward and will it affect that gorgeous view of the river you have now? Ask what your community will look like in five years and be sure it aligns with your vision for the home.

Get it in writing.

Before you sign a purchase agreement, ensure that it includes all important information. Buying a home that is a work in progress can lead to uncertainty with completion and inspection dates. Have your builder document intended dates so you don’t get stuck with extra charges if you’re unable to close on time. Spell out how and when the home will be finished. Verbal discussions are not legally binding, so be sure it’s in writing and that everyone involved signs the documents.

Get started by researching local builders.


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