10 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

You need a fast sale for the maximum profit. Do these 10 easy things to make your home move quickly.

1. Let go of your emotions and accept that your home is now a house that you want to sell quickly at a profit.

2. Pack up your family photos, knickknacks and books. You want buyers to see clean shelves and surfaces where they can imagine their items.

3. Organize your closets and cabinets. Buyers are going to snoop.

4. Remove any extra furniture that makes your home look like it’s small.

5. Scrub your house from top to bottom. This includes the outside and those areas you can’t easily reach.

6. Shampoo your carpet and area rugs. Pet odors and smoke are a turn off to potential buyers.

7. Make minor repairs. Turn every knob, open every window and cabinet. Tighten anything that’s loose, patch holes and replace any broken tiles or glass.

8. Give your catch all room a purpose. Your spare room/office/craft room/playroom needs to serve a single purpose when buyers come through.

9. Make your home look inviting from the curb. Keep landscaping in top condition. Check that curtains are even from a curbside view. Remember that a buyer can drive by at any moment.

10. Keep up with the cleaning and clutter daily. Doing a quick pick up or clean up of the house every night before bed means your house is always ready for a showing.


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