Take Back Your Space

You did it. Your last child has moved out of the house. The hardest work is behind you and now it’s time to have a little fun with the newly vacant bedroom in your home.

Cozy Guest Room

Grab a neutral colored can of paint and turn this bedroom into a luxury retreat, fit for any guest. Buy fine linens, fluffy guest towels and fresh pillows to outfit this new room. Once you have the room stocked and decorated, it’s a good idea to sleep for one night in the room to find out if anything is missing that your future guests might need.

T.V. For Two

Your living room might feel a little too large now for just the two of you. Why not turn the spare bedroom into a more comfortable T.V. or reading room. You can each pick out a recliner that suits your height and appeals to your style. This new room is all yours, so there’s not as much pressure to select furniture to impress guests. Get what’s comfortable and be happy spending time together in this room where you can reconnect and get to know each other again without yelling across the room to talk.

Out Of Sight

Storage is a huge issue for many couples, especially if the adult kids have left behind mementos or furniture while they get settled in a new place. Turn the spare room into a glorified closet or storage area. Put your seasonal clothes in this room, get your holiday decorations out of the attic or crawl space or install pantry shelves for paper goods and detergent. Keep it organized but keep the door closed.

Converting your child’s old bedroom is a sign to him or her that you are confident they will be successful on their own. Just wait until they are out of the driveway before you start pulling up the carpet and repainting the walls.

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