Condon Receives Quad Cities Home Builders & Remodelers Association Award

Mel Foster Co. congratulates REALTOR®/Builder Pat Condon as recipient of a prominent award from the Quad Cities Home Builders & Remodelers Association.  Mr. Condon received the Allen V. Seitz Builder of the Year Award.

Mr. Condon is a REALTOR®/Builder at Mel Foster Co.’s Bettendorf office and was recognized for his dedication and passion to the Association.  Pat owns J.P. Condon Inc. and is licensed in Iowa.  He is the outgoing President for the Quad Cities Home Builders & Remodelers Association Board of Directors, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, the Iowa Association of Realtors ®, and the Quad City Area REALTOR® Association.

Five Smooth Moves

Summer is the season for moving and your kids probably don’t want to leave their friends at the height of their summer vacation. But settling into your new home before the school year begins will help your kids make a smoother transition.

Follow these five tips to make moving easier on your kids and you:

1. Communicate. Let kids know what is happening now and what will happen next. Stay positive and repeat often the advantages of moving.

2. Introduce your child to their new community online and show them as much as you can about their new neighborhood, school, parks and home. If your new city is close, make an event of driving there and spending time exploring as a family.

3. Keep to a normal routine as much as possible. This will help the kids feel secure and safe.

4. Keep children occupied by letting them pack a box or two of their special things. Give them input on a new paint color and décor for their new bedroom.

5. Most kids will want to take part in busy moving day activities, and you should allow them to do so. Your preparedness will go a long way in reassuring your children that their needs are being considered, even while big changes are happening around them.

Need more help making the move smooth for your family? Mel Foster Co. Relocation has children in mind with special customized kits for your children whatever their age. Request your free kit at


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