Search Listings From Your Warm Car.

Find homes with the Foster Finder
Mel Foster App

Searching for a home can be a real drag in the winter. It’s cold, snowy and just not fun. If you are looking to buy, you can use Mel Foster Co.’s free app, Foster Finder, to search with your smart phone without leaving your warm car. Your phone’s camera and GPS technology show all homes for sale around you. All you need to do is drive to the neighborhood where you to live. It goes without saying, you shouldn’t be the one driving while you’re using the cool app.

You can download the free app for either iPhone® or AndroidTM devices. Just go to your phone’s app store or find the links by clicking here. Install and launch the app. Click on Foster Finder at the bottom right of your screen and see all homes for sale, from every listing company, right on your screen.

The Foster Finder is a great mobile tool when you have a target neighborhood but aren’t sure what’s for sale. Just drive to your desired location and use the app to show you the listings. It’s cool and saves you a ton of time.

Want to be closer to your kid’s school? Head over there and use Foster Finder to uncover all of the listings. You can do the same from work or your favorite hang out or restaurant.

Using Foster Finder is the smart and easy way to search for homes in every season.

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