moving tips when you have a pet

Moving Tips When You Have A Pet

Preparing to move into a new home is exciting yet overwhelming. If you have a pet, he or she is likely a bit unsettled too. Consider a few useful steps you can take ahead of your move to ensure a smooth transition for the beloved animal members of your family.

Planning Ahead

Your four-legged friend can sense change is coming. Try introducing the pet carrier she will travel in weeks in advance. Place her favorite toy or blanket inside and leave it open at home so she feels comfortable in it. Take her on a short car ride in the carrier so she’s used to being inside of it.

Prepare a bag with necessities to care for your pet and be sure it’s handy and ready for moving day. Include items like food or kitty litter, grooming tools, leash, medications and favorite treats.

Making Changes

Seek out a new veterinarian before your move and have your current vet transfer the files. Set up an appointment to visit with the new vet soon after your move to establish a relationship prior to any need for urgent care. Be sure you update tags or microchip information to your new address and phone number.

Getting Them Settled

If at all possible, take your pet with you in your vehicle when you move. Avoid having your pet loose in your new home while movers are coming in and out and doors are left open for an easy escape. The first visits to the yard should include a leash, even if the yard is fenced. There is so much to sniff and explore in a new yard and you should use this time exploring with your pet to check for small holes in a fence or other hazards.

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