Living The Dream After Foreclosure

Many Americans saw their dream of owning a home shatter, once they had a foreclosure or short sale on their record. But the dream is alive again thanks to changes in Federal Housing Administration guidelines and updates in the Fannie Mae loan approval system.

Homeowners used to have to wait seven years to be cleared of a foreclosure. Now that period has been dramatically reduced to just one year. More homeowners are now eligible for a mortgage sooner, so they can return to living in a home they own.

To be eligible, a borrower must have suffered a specific financial event during the recession that, through no fault of their own, caused them to lose their home. Borrowers must also have a good credit rating with only the foreclosure or short sale affecting the score. People who were upside down on their home and simply walked away won’t qualify for a mortgage.

The best way to find out if you are eligible under these new guidelines is to make an appointment with a lender. Experts also advise buyers to be more cautious with a new mortgage, taking on payments that are comfortable and affordable. Those who have been out of the market for a few years may be surprised at how home prices have risen in some markets. Working closely with an agent from Mel Foster Co. will help you find a home with a mortgage you can afford and get you back to living your American dream.

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