Landscaping Can Increase Home Value

Landscaping Increases Home Value

Landscaping done right will increase your home’s value and doesn’t need to break the bank. Consider a few helpful suggestions to spruce up your yard and increase your property’s value, whether you are improving the yard for personal enjoyment or intending to sell it down the road.

  1. Create a Master Plan

Have a good strategy in mind for your landscape. Include a variety of perennials, annuals and shrubs that can offer a uniform look and fit your vision. It makes sense to work in phases, so plan on multiple days of work until completion. Keep the budget in check. Get the maximum effect by focusing on small projects as part of the big picture and finish one before moving on to the next.

  1. Going Green with Trees

Trees provide shade which keeps your home cooler, resulting in lower energy bills. Families looking to be environmentally friendly appreciate trees for their ability to remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the air. In fact, studies show that trees improve health, lower anxiety and create more sociable neighborhoods. Trees can add visual interest to your landscape, so consider planting highly-valued items like Japanese maples or dwarf conifers when expanding your selection of green.

  1. Container and Planting Placement Matters

Mix a variety of annuals in pots or beds at high-visibility locations in the landscape for greatest impact. Plants that are long-blooming should be placed in key locations like near the mailbox or entryway to provide extra color and flair. Be sure to match your landscaping design with your home’s style. For example, modern homes show best with modern landscaping that includes lots of greenery and natural-looking plants that flow with the property design. Group plantings into beds and islands so lawn care, like mowing, is made easy.

  1. Edging and Mowing

Edging your landscape simply looks sharp and shows how much care you’ve given to keep your property looking its best. And if the landscape outside is maintained with precision, prospective buyers assume the inside of the home is in great shape as well. And when the time to sell arrives, a prospective buyer with a positive perception of your home makes for a pleasant home visit. Lawn maintenance by mowing is also important. Try using a mulching mower instead of bagging grass clippings. Studies show this will cut fertilizer needs by 30%, saving you money in the long run.

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