How To Compile A Home Inventory.

Take an inventory of your home belongings
Take an inventory of your home belongings

Creating an inventory of your home’s contents is important, not only for insurance purposes, but also for creating peace of mind. It helps verify what items you own in case you suffer a loss due to fire, a natural disaster or burglary.

Make a list of all the items you own that are important to you. Electronics, jewelry, artwork, family heirlooms and furniture are items you want to insure. Once you have the list, add the serial numbers, brands and estimated costs for each item to show proof of ownership. It’s a good idea to take photos of your items to show their condition.

Once you’ve collected this information, store it in several safe locations. One copy of the information should be sent to your Mel Foster Insurance agent, another should be stored on your personal computer. It’s also important to have another version stored on a USB drive kept outside of your home or use cloud storage. The cloud is highly recommended because there are free services accessible from any computer.

You can never have too many copies of this information. Physical copies are also a great idea because they’re so reliable. Getting a safe-deposit box at your bank, or investing in a fireproof safe are perfect ways to protect your information in case you can’t access the information anywhere else.

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