Get Organized in the New Year

Get Organized In The New Year

Out with the old and in with the new. The start of a new year often prompts us to consider this age-old saying and then do something about it. Having trouble getting motivated or not sure where to start when it comes to getting organized? Try a few suggestions below to begin putting your house in order.

Netflix Offers Motivation

Grab a comfy spot on your couch, your remote and browse these Netflix shows to help spur your imagination and transform your cluttered space into something more useable.

  1. The Minimalist – Less Is Now, offering practical ways to find order without an outrageous process
  2. Get Organized with The Home Edit, where professional organizers aid in straightening up any space
  3. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where Marie’s ideas help you declutter your home and your lives

Store Sales On Storage Items

Take advantage of store promotions on storage solutions in January while you’re indoors and available to tackle organization projects. Check with your local hardware stores for their bargains of the month to help you get started. Many big box stores, like Home Depot or Menards, also offer savings up to 40% off of items to help organize your belongings. Take the time to search for sales to make the most of your dollar.

Selling and Donating

If you’re ready to part with the gently used couch or rocking chair that you aren’t using, consider donating the items through a local Facebook marketplace group. You can search these groups easily to find one nearby. If you list your item free with pick up, it becomes less hassle and you don’t need a truck if you have larger furniture pieces. If you no longer love it, need it or use it, there is likely someone else who would really benefit from it. Other local organizations like Bethany for Children and Families or Humility Homes and Services welcome most items for families in need.

If you’re getting organized to prepare to sell, connect with a Mel Foster Co. agent to help.


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