Do I Need To Clean My Air Ducts?

Family Allergies?
Family Allergies?

If you’re wondering if you need to clean your ducts, the answer is often left to personal preference. Here are some facts to consider when determining if duct cleaning is something your home needs.

If your family is allergic to dust, or suffers from asthma, consider cleaning your ducts. Or if you see your ducts are filled with dust, dead bugs or mold, it might be worth having them cleaned. This will prevent large amounts of dust and debris being spread throughout your house. Often this may increase the efficiency of your home’s air system, up to 40%. Some people have ducts cleaned when first moving into a home to make sure everything is clean and functioning properly.

The argument for not cleaning is the health benefits aren’t proven through scientific testing. If you’re currently feeling fine and not experiencing allergies, you may not need a cleaning. There are also times where the furnace filter needs to be changed instead of having your ducts cleaned, so be sure to double check the filter.

If you have decided to have your ducts cleaned, it is usually done in one of three ways. Hand-held vacuuming is when a large portable vacuum is fed through the vents and sucks up any debris. Mechanical brushes rotate through the ducts scrubbing them clean while a vacuum gathers the particles left behind. Air sweeps use compressed air forced through the ducts toward a large vacuum. Air sweeps are usually the most effective form of cleaning ducts.

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