2020 decorating trends

Decorating Trends for 2020

For those of you who get the itch for redecorating during the winter months, examine a list of design trends expected to be prominent in 2020 before heading to the paint store. Stay on top of the latest trends and use these suggestions to guide your plans to spruce things up.

  1. Colors To Consider

You’ll have a variety of options in 2020 for revamping the color palette in your home. The color tones this year include inky blues and summer browns as well as greens from seaweed to neon. These hues exhibit depth, complexity and offer an opportunity for intentional contrast in your decorating. Now is the time to accent with a bright coral or orange against your taupe wall or sofa. Be comfortable with making a statement with a new rug or vibrant artwork.

  1. Texture Is Important

Sometimes in our efforts to coordinate colors perfectly we overlook a key element in design, which is displaying a level of texture to the room. Boucle, a yarn with a looped, curly ply and raised quality, provides a cozy yet sophisticated feel in your living space. Boucle will be shown in furniture fabric and pillow covers throughout the most updated homes. Detailed stitching on cushions, foot stools and sofa arms will also add pattern and interest to your living area.

  1. Create A Space For Conversation

The layout of your gathering space is just as important as the fabric of the chair or the tint of the accent rug. Consider how your room is zoned, meaning where your furniture pieces are placed. If you have room, it’s great to incorporate two sofas to make your living room feel sociable and friendly. Place sofas close together to create a space meant for conversing and comfortably settling in. Don’t forget to measure more than once for accuracy before ordering furniture.

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