5 Hot Trends In New Construction

You’ve decided to build for the freedom to select the amenities and finishes that match your lifestyle and tastes. Here’s a list of five trends to discuss with your builder.

1. Smart House
Automating systems like heating, AC, security and lights can save you money. You can even control systems when you aren’t home by using your iphone.

2. Media Madness
Media rooms that only serve one function are becoming a thing of the past as home sizes shrink. Media still plays a huge role for many when deciding on a home layout, but the media rooms now have more comfortable seating, tables and good lighting. They are intended for more frequent usage than movie theater style rooms of the past.

3. Bye Bye Bulk
Smaller new homes call for smaller furniture pieces, including built ins. Consider swapping out a heavy wall of cabinets for floating shelves. Less bulky furniture also allows more natural light in.

4. Go Low
Check out more energy efficient toilets, faucets and appliances. It’s better for your utility bill and the environment.

5. Reclaim It
Go on the hunt for reclaimed materials that can be integrated into your home’s design. Look for rustic wood, light fixtures or cabinet pulls that will give your home a one of a kind feel.

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